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Henry VIII


"John is a very believable Henry VIII - in fact I think he has been re-incarnated as the 'King'! The script and the puppets were exquisite. Children and adults were equally enthralled and had plenty of questions for the King in his 'Meet the King' session after the show. A very enjoyable event."

Oxburgh Hall, National Trust

Just writing to say how much we enjoyed the theatre company’s' performance last Sunday.
The actors were brilliant and the puppets amazing!

Louise & Alisdair Cameron, The Great Hall

“I loved the show and will definitely bear you in mind for future events at the Castle.

Over the 3 days we had more than 1,000 through the gates, which is unheard of for this time of year– It achieved its purpose of attracting visitors to the Castle. It made the whole exercise very worthwhile!"

Berkeley Castle

In this unique show, Henry VIII tells his story with the ghosts of his Queens and principal courtiers coming back to haunt him.

Ken, a volunteer at the local museum, is setting out a  display of Tudor items for a lecture being given that day. He finds a hat that belonged to Wil Somers, Henry VIII’s Jester, and tries it on. Suddenly there is a noise from outside, and a magnificent King Henry VIII bursts into the room shouting for Wil and demanding a drink.
Henry VIII is played by an actor and the court are played by puppets.
After the show there is a lively question and answer session about the life and times of Henry and his court. Children have the chance to be one of the Tudors.
There are actors who may look like Henry VIII, but John Field is also a historian who has an amazing knowledge of The Tudors and a great many stories.

Suitable for theatres, arts centres and schools

Biggest venue so far, Buxton Opera House

Show is 70 minutes

Q & A up to 20 minutes

photos up to 15 minutes

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