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“Peter and the Wolf” was written by Sergie Prokofiev in 1936 at the request by Natalya Sats of the Central Children's Theatre in Moscow. The idea was to write a new musical symphony for children. This is the story of a mischievous boy living with his grandfather.
Against his grandfathers wishes, Peter wanders out into the meadow to play with his animal friends. His grandfather has warned him of a wolf in the nearby forest, and not heeding his advice, he finds himself in peril. Find out how this clever boy with his animal friends triumphs in this classic tale.

Peter and the Wolf contains some of the most recognisable music ever composed.

A real masterpiece

After the show there is a fun puppet demonstration, with lots of audience participation, giving an insight into how to create a character. This is followed by 'How to make your own Peter and the Wolf puppets', using things that can be found around the home.
The audience are then invited to come and meet the puppets where they can also take photographs. The puppeteers will happily chat and give advice on how to put on a show.

Suitable for theatres, arts centres and schools

Audience size : Up to 200 with good sightlines.

Age: 4 years upwards

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“Peter and the Wolf beautifully presented and performed by Ken Haines, delighted two full houses of children in the Mill Studio at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre. We would not hesitate to re-book this lovely show next year. Ken has presented many shows in the Mill Studio- they are always a joy for our audience and staff.”
                Brian Kirk,

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre


Excellent presentation, which captured the attention of all the children of different ages, very professional

Robert Cole,Matron 

University Hospital Lewisham,

On The Other Hand were awarded a grant

by the Arts Council of Great Britain to tour

Peter and the Wolf to Children's Hospitals

and two Hospices


“Very good show, all the children sat and watched and were very interested in the show, talking about what they had seen. The performance was just the right length”

Demelza Hospice

Excellent presentation, which captured the attention of all the children of different ages, very professional

Royal London, Matron

The children where transfixed to the performance, music was fantastic. Thank you so much

Evelina, senior play specialist


This was an amazing show which entertained a range of children and young people aged from 7 – 16

Queen Elizabeth


Brilliant show, the children all enjoyed the show, kept their attention throughout. Good show time, not to long or short

Royal Alexandra, play specialist


Absolutely brilliant session. Completely mixed age group of students, preschoolers parents and visitors completely engrossed for the whole performance.

Royal London, Teacher



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Click on the PDF sign for templates and instructions on how to make your own puppets

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