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The Marvellous Magical Coat

A modern day firy story about a little boy who is given a huge coat.

At first he hates it, but then it takes him to a curious land of some very silly people

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Merlin and the Frost

Set in the time when King Arhtur was a young boy Merlin goes on a journey to find the Mysterious Frost Dragon to ask for her help to bring the endless winter to an end.

Tales from the Washing Line

Two enviromental stories.

The first is about two Inuits who discover that throwing your rubbish in the ocean is not a good idea.

The second about a little gilrs battle with a litterbug, and how she wins the day

Eskimobear criop 300dpi.jpg
Shed Show.jpg

Tales from the Garden Shed

Set in a gardeners shed during a rain storm. To pass the time the gardener yells the story of the nobel Sir Norbut the brave and his quest to rid the town of some very rowdy mice.

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Frank Muirs

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Based on Frank Muirs wonderfully retelling o the old favourite. About a little girl called Wonky Bonce, who, it has to be said, was not very nice. Her life changes when she meets the 3 Bears and they all become a celebrated circus troupe

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