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Puppetry for older audiences

Moving Tales

“To watch a puppet think and move with such clarity allows the audience to become totally involved with the action and Ken Haines’ focused performance displayed consummate skill. This is puppetry at its best”
     Charles Broughton
                  Animations Magazine

“One of the simplest shows of the week was also  one of the most emotionally complex… an intense and even hilarious characterisation. Haines’s fiercely expressive technique and repertoire of finely observed gestures and physical quirks create a compact Beckettian mini – drama with the kind of human resonance that a stage actor would be fortunate to achieve”
                     The Irish Times


Is one of the most original pieces of animated theatre touring today.

Challenging traditional ideas of puppetry, Moving Tales explores worlds that seem somehow familiar.

This is the world of Mr. Potter, a quirky little man. He spends much of his time alone. In his world, he seeks comfort in watching his television, having a cup of tea and in his memories. You may not have met him before, but Mr. Potter will be very familiar.
A funny, moving story – it is rare that an audience can be so moved by a puppet performance. Mr Potter, for many, has opened a forgotten door

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