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Ken Haines founded his company On The Other Hand in 1985, but he has been involved in puppetry for over thirty years.  He has worked in film for Jim Henson’s Muppets, For the National Theatre,  Mountain Giants, and Dragon.
TV work includes, Storytime, Watch, Words and Pictures, Breakfast Serials, Music Makers, Palace Hill.

Ken’s show for adults, Moving Tales,  has been recognised around the world. He opened the London Mime Festival and has represented the UK at several prestigious festivals in Europe including Greece, Germany, Portugal and Belgium has been universally acclaimed for its great depth of feeling and excellent puppetry .
Eugene Lambert invited him to solely open the Irish International Puppet festival with Moving Tales.     













                                                               Artist:  Chen Danqing

His workshops for children and adults are well known.  He has tutored at the National Theatre, the  London School of Puppetry and at The Central School of Speech and Drama, and has run workshops at the Academie Remschied in Germany

He has worked for the Upstream Children's Theatre, Caravanserai and has performed and directed at The Little Angel, London. On a rather larger scale, Ken is also one of the plant operators for the musical.
'Little Shop of Horrors', his last production being with

Su Pollard.

With the aid of The Arts Council, On The Other Hand toured children's hospitals and hospices with Peter and the Wolf

The Usbourne Book of Puppetry is about his work with children

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John Field has been many things in his career including a teacher, model and theatrical manager and agent - all of which give him excellent background for playing Henry VIII ! As Henry VIII he is in great demand for public appearances and is a regular host of medieval banquets at The Great Hall Winchester.

Films  “’Oh What A Lovely War’, ‘Oluwale’

TV appearances have included ‘The Newcomers’, ‘Crossroads’, ‘Guide to Relationships’, ‘Breakfast Serials’, ‘Music Makers’, and for National Geographic - ‘Francis Bacon’.

Whilst producer for the Terrence Higgins Trust he managed to survive directing such luminaries as Eartha Kitt, Sir Ian McKellen, Madeline Bell and Simon Callow and several others he no longer speaks to .....

Recent theatre includes “Amy’s View” by David Hare and far too many pantomimes !

As Father Christmas he has been voted one of the top 5 in the country by

Time Out Magazine. Every year he appears at The London Wetlands Centre, Lauderdale House, The Great Hall Winchester and The Royal Albert Hall

See his web site

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